Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Tonight (and today) was the 2nd annual LaQuerencia Halloween Party! George and Neil started things off by helping the kids carve pumpkins at 2:00 p.m.--some very creative pumpkins! The Social Committee and helpers worked on the Haunted House in the kids' playroom after that, and then at 5:00 p.m. the trick or treaters in costume came door-to-door. What fun that was--and such great costumes, for both kids and adults! Bryan and Rebecca had the top-rated (by my standards) chocolate--have you ever heard of Cadbury on Halloween? The potluck started at 6:30 in the Common House--another great feast. That wonderful Social Committee again had music, games and the Haunted House for everyone! The costumes were great and imaginative. Ivan and Catalina came as H1 and N1. Barbara R. was an incredible witch with a silver face. Violette was a glamorous movie star. Ruth was a terrific M&M, and Ana was Minnie Mouse, wearing ruby slippers! Bev and Neil came as themselves when they were 16--Neil even dyed his hair black for tonight!

When George and I lived in our previous home, the number of trick-or-treaters dwindled each year until the last year we were down to about 7 who came (the little kids who had come during the early years were all grown up, I guess). Now, in cohousing, we have a wonderful group of kids (and adults) who really get into the spirit of Halloween, and it's a wonderful time for all.

Another reason to love cohousing!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A run and a friendly hello.

I put on my ipod and run 3-4 miles every other day and it's always a great feeling when I get back (with a good sweat) to walk down the main sidewalk and see how all the plants & trees are doing, and say hi to early risers. It gives me a little boost every time I exchange a friendly hello from one of my neighbors.

Chocolate, a flag and messages for a son

From a resident, Barbara
My son, Kevin, returned for a second assignment in Iraq. He left from Ft. Bragg, SC on Aug. 19. There was a ceremony on the evening of Aug. 18 on my front porch. We hung a flag, shared his history in the Army, and ate one of his favorite foods, chocolate. There were sheets of paper to write messages to Kevin.

I especially appreciate the support for me of this community. They are giving me things to send to the Kevin and the other soldiers. Also, we are planning to send things for the Iraqi children when we have a connection established.

Childcare a Community Thing

Written by Bryan - cohousing resident.
Reliable childcare is a recurring theme in the cohousing experience – from folks taking children to school to help with a scheduling problem or as a matter of convenience or for a few days as shared here by Bryan. In a couple of weeks, Rebecca and I will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary (and 30th anniversary of meeting each other). We're going away for a 4-day weekend. Pat & George are going to look after Joe for us, so we can fully enjoy the Esalen Institute experience. Just last Monday, I needed to go to class in the evening but Rebecca was on-call and working late. Violette looked after Joe "no problem" and Joe wound up helping Lily with hours of homework.

The New Decks

Neil is building a deck in our back yard and Stacy is working along with him to learn how to build one for her. Then Sharon, next door, decided she wanted a deck in her yard and wants to build it herself. So Neil is teaching both of them and supervising their work. When we got home this afternoon Sharon and Stacy had finished putting the underpinnings in Sharon's back yard. They took the truck, bought the cement and lumber, hauled it to the back yard, dug the holes, set the cement and installed the wood along with the help of Scott, who wanted to help when he saw what they were doing. Of course in the true cohousing spirit - friends and neighbors gathered to celebrate the completion of the patios - any reason to gather and socialize.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

One Sunday morning about 7:00 am I was standing at the kitchen window and heard a child's voice singing "Way up over the rainbow, bluebirds fly". I looked out and 3yr old Ana was singing at the top of her lungs as she was walking down the path. She was all dressed up for Sunday school, had no shoes on and looked so happy. She continued to sing as she walked toward the common house. Then she stopped, turned around and sang all the way back home. Where else could I start a Sunday morning with such a precious moment? ow,

Why live in cohousing? Reason number 235

We never have to worry about boarding our pets when going away. There is always someone to take care of them.

Joe's concert and the flat tire

On a Sunday, a bunch of cohousers went up to Sequoia Lake to enjoy a concert and a picnic. Joe, who plays violin, was finishing a week of camp at Lake Sequoia Symphonic Music Camp and his ensemble was one of those performing a concert at the lake. Rebecca and Neil made a picnic to share. Ruth, Ana, Neil, Bev, Candy, Emma, Sharon, and George all came along.

On the way back from a concert and picnic, Neil & Bev had a serious tire blowout. They called us and, cohousers to the rescue! We caught up with them and picked up their passengers, and left George there to make sure Neil didn't try to fix the tire himself before AAA came. (Neil was there to make sure George didn't, either!) We also left them with an umbrella and water to go along with their chairs.