Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A 'Not So Common' Meal

3 Cheers for the Cooks!!
Tonight George and Pat cooked up their famous macaroni and cheese dinner with basil pesto chicken and a fresh green salad! And for dessert: Baked Alaska!! The kids had never seen such a dessert and were in awe of the torch George used to finish it off.

It was a fun dinner, and the kids really got their fill :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Score For La Q!

The kids in our community have been showing a recent interest in soccer, so George came up with an idea: Soccer Goals! The following in an article submitted by one of our resident 5th grade students about this new addition.

La Q is a wonderful place full of kind people. The kids love to go out on the grass area after school every day and play soccer. But something very important was missing. The goal posts! So our best builder in the community, George B., built 2 very fine goal posts.
"It's great, and the kids love it," says Chris S. "I love it! It's awesome!" exclaimed Sean. So the kids now know where the right goal is.
-by Kamryn

Thanks to George for all your hard work in making our community so much more enjoyable for the kids!

Welcome Spring!

You can always tell spring is around the corner in our community because the air smells so much sweeter, friends are emerging from their homes to chat a little longer along the pathway and the geese are honking their "hello's" to us as they pass over on their way to the ponding basin. I love spring time in La Querencia!

This past weekend we followed suit with a Community Spring Deep Cleaning day of the main areas of the neighborhood. Many volunteered to varnish the play structure, sweep the driveway, clean the pool area, and deep clean the kitchen. Even the kids came out to lend a hand. Thanks to all who participated in helping to keep our community clean and inviting.

We love visitors! Come and check out our unique community. We have open tours every Sunday from 1-3pm.