Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Fresno CoHousing and the La Querencia Community!

Each year we love to put on an Easter Egg coloring event and Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids. Our numbers were fewer this year because lots of kids were out of town, but that didn't stop us :) Those that were around enjoyed a time of dying eggs all kinds of colors.

This Easter Morning, we had a wonderful common meal put on by Pat and George who made homemade crescent rolls, deviled easter chicks, and fruit salad. YUM! I wish I had a picture of the crescent rolls, they were to die for! 3 different kinds: Plain, ham and cheese and chocolate!

Today we had the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. We had a great turnout of kids and everyone found some eggs. Each was stuffed with stickers, erasers, and gummy candy (nothing that would melt in the 80 degree sunshine!). Several of the kids commented that this was "so much fun!" and "the Best EVER!" Even some of the adults got in on the fun and helped steer the little ones in the right direction :)

Everyone took off running when I said, "Go!"

Sammi needed just a little help with this one :)

I think George helped direct the kids here...

The girls were so proud of all their eggs

Everyone got their share of eggs

Kamryn proudly shows off the Golden Egg. I think it helped that she was taller than everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Eggscelent stories Jen and oh my all the kids are growing so fast!