Sunday, April 8, 2012

Story time

Something I just love about living here in our community is the interaction that my kids have with older neighbors. I feel that when kids are around adults, on a regular basis, they learn how to converse, be respectful, look people in the eye when talking or being spoken to and learn appropriate actions as well.

We have the pleasure of having a wonderful neighbor across the path who loves to spend time with our daughters. Barbara is a gem of a woman! On several occasions she and my 3 year old would go for walks or feed her dogs. Over the past year, this has become such a special time for my little one that we made it part of a regular routine. Three times a week Sam will spend time with Barbara reading books, playing legos, feeding her dogs, and going to the library. The other kids in the neighborhood have heard about her books, and snuck in for a little story time too :) so I snapped a quick was priceless! We just love Barbara and so appreciate her caring heart and love for the children!
-Jen Schultz

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